Wagandea (ワガンディア Wagandia?) is episode 21 of the Little Witch Academia anime.


Looking into the meaning behind the Shiny Rod's sixth word, Lyonne, Akko hears from Croix about how Chariot climbed the legendary Wagandea tree to learn it. However, Ursula urges against Akko doing the same as the tree is due to release a dangerous pollen that causes witches to lose their magic and flight abilities. Despite this, Croix takes Akko to the tree anyway, claiming that Ursula had lied about when the pollen would be released. While Akko begins climbing the tree, Ursula rushes to save her but is ambushed by Croix, who reveals she wants to destroy Akko as revenge against Chariot, who had received the Shiny Rod instead of her. Ursula atempts to stop Akko from climbing the tree any further before the pollen is released, but is met with distrust from her over what Croix had told her. After Croix surprisingly prevents her from falling to her death, Ursula rushes to save Akko just as the pollen is released. Realising just how much Ursula has watched over for, Akko tells her "thank you", which turns out to be the true meaning of "Lyonne" that unlocks the sixth word and heals Ursula's injuries. However, Croix is revealed to have been working on her own, dark version of the Shiny Rod to claim the Triskelion's power for herself.


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  • It is revealed that Chariot unlocked the sixth word shortly after discovering the Shiny Rod. However, when a flashback is shown of her gaining the power of the stars in The Fountain of Polaris, only the third word is illuminated in yellow (meaning it's unlocked), which fits what is known from What You Will, that she had awakened Arae Aryrha. The sixth crystal in the Shiny Rod does not appear the same, which seems to be a minor continuity error.


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