Vajarois (バハロワ Baharowa?) was an ancient princess of the Book Kingdom who became a ghost of grief from sorrows of lost her friends.


In life, Vajarois was a beautiful girl with long pink hair and white complexion. She wears a white dress and a golden crown.

As a ghost, Vajarois is a huge white creature with two small arms, several brown horns on the head and back and a face that is in constant pain, with red eyes and a large round mouth.



Previously Vajarois was a cheerful girl from a royal family around the 2nd century BC who was blessed with good friends and had a happy life, but by having fallen into depression for losing her friends, she ate the Seed of Sorrow to never forget them and was cursed to be a viscous ghost creature.

For 1600 years, at midnight of the Samhain Festival, Vajarois woke up to devour the sacrifices given by Luna Nova Academy and stay asleep until the next festival in hopes to appease her spirit. The sacrifices were expelled unharmed soon after.

Unfortunately, as Akko pointed out, instead of appeasing her, this only prolonged her suffering and sadness for the entertainment of the audience, and the only solution to end her misery was by removing seed of sadness within her.


Eventually knowledge of the cause of her suffering was lost, but could be found in her vestige, stored in the Luna Nova Archives. The vestige, being so ancient, contains a faerie which can reveal the truth. It resembles half of a nut shell and is identified by a plaque.

TV seriesEdit

Blue MoonEdit


Her appearance is foreshadowed in Blue Moon.

What You WillEdit

Samhain MagicEdit

She appears in her ghost form when the midnight bells of the Samhain Festival sound. Akko, Sucy and Lotte are chosen as the group of sacrifice for Vajarois, but instead of letting themselves devoured, they managed to expel the fruit of the sadness of her body when they are consumed and releasing her of the curse, putting an end of her seemingly eternal suffering once and for all at cost of the tradition and being disqualified.



  • Her voice actress, Eri Nakao, also voices Hannah.


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