Thomas (トーマス Tōmasu?) is a character in Little Witch Academia, only introduced in The Enchanted Parade. He lives in Blytonbury, the neighboring town to Luna Nova Academy.


Thomas is a child of average height, with disheveled orange hair and green eyes. He dresses a blue t-shirt, a puce jacket and gray pants.


He is a rude and hateful child who likes to annoy others. It maintains the current tendency to see witches down, considering them somewhat outdated and absurd. However, he seems to have changed his mind after saving his life during the parade, especially when witnessing Diana.



The Enchanted ParadeEdit


Akko, Lotte and SucyEdit

Amanda, Constanze and JasminkaEdit

Diana CavendishEdit

His gangEdit

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Voice actorsEdit

Language Voice actor
Japanese Tōko Aoyama
English Lucien Dodge
France Alexis Flamant
Italian Mosè Singh
Brazil Wirley Contaifer
Latin America Daniel Streeter



  • "Thomas" is a masculine given name. It is based on the Biblical Greek Θωμᾶς, which is itself a transcription of the Aramaic תאומא (Taumā "twin"), the Hebrew cognate being תאום (tə'ōm).[1]



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