The Shooting Star (流星丸 Ryūseimaru?) is a legendary flying broom, said to be the fastest that exists. Filled with its own magical energy, the Shooting Star can fly without needing an external source of magic and even without a witch riding it. However, it possesses an extremely wild and uncontrollable behavior, being able to fly until the end of the Earth no matter what happens to its rider. It has an incredible speed, being able to cross the Atlantic Ocean in one day. It is said to resemble a shooting star streaking across the sky.

After its escape in Don't Stop Me Now, there has been a running gag of Shooting Star sightings around the world being featured in the newspaper.


The Shooting Star is a long red broom with arrowhead-shaped tip and feathered end, all designed for maximum aerodynamics. It also has two metal handles to help sustain itself. Those metal handles were revealed to be meant for binding its true power and appearance: When those metal handles shatter, the feathered end of the Shooting Star morph into a pair of bird-like wings and a tail wing.


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