Paul Hanbridge (ポール・ハンブリッジ Pōru Hanburijji?) formally known as the Earl of Hanbridge (ハンブリッジの伯爵 Hanburijji no hakushaku?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is the count and minister of state of the country.


He is a middle-aged man with gray hair and green eyes. Dress in a brown suit, dark brown shoes, a beige shirt and a pair of lenses.


The Earl is a very serious and cold man. In spite of maintaining his manners and good deal in public, it shows that in fact he is a rigid person to which only his political duties concern him, something that left him indifferent with other people and Andrew's former dream to be a pianist.

Like normal humans in present day, Earl firmly convinced that magic and witches are outdated and have no place in the present age. His opinion about them is obviously low however, as he described magic and witches in general as malevolent relicts of the past that must be forgotten. Earl also blind with the fact that there are still positive light in witches and other magic users as some witches in the past have contributed in supporting town of Luna Nova. In spite of this, he still visiting and aiding Luna Nova Academy to put them in debt.


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