Night Fall (ナイトフォール Naito Fōru?) is episode 4 of the Little Witch Academia anime.


As Akko and the others are given punishments for stealing food during the night, Lotte becomes depressed as it leaves her unable to go to the city to attend the release of the latest volume in her favorite book series, Night Fall. Hearing Lotte's passion for the series and desire to meet the author, Annabel Crème, Akko and Sucy manage to sneak her aboard a food delivery truck into the city. During an event in which Annabel makes her first public appearance, Lotte takes part in a quiz and manages to win Annabel's fountain pen. It is at this point, however, that Annabel, allegedly the twelfth author in the series to use the pen name, declares that Lotte will be the next author to write Night Fall and disappears. Feeling that she would rather support what Annabel does rather than become her, Lotte consults the faerie residing in the fountain pen and soon finds Annabel, who has been doubting her literary abilities due to trolling comments. Reminding Annabel about what she loves about the series, Lotte encourages her to continue writing.


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