Mr. Blackwell is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is the minister of defense of the country and the chairman of the Appleton Academy.


He is an adult man with dark yellow hair and a mustache, green eyes that denote dark circles, and a pronounced chin. Dress up in a black suit over a white shirt and a tie board


The minister is an aggressive and ill-tempered man. His belligerent attitudes towards other nations as Minister of Defense are reflected in the bellicose rhetoric he uses about sports games against a foreign country, promising to crush their nation in politics as they will in soccer. He is somewhat of a foil to Mr. Hambridge, whom he considers weak for his willingness to compromise. Their attitudes towards witches contrast similarly. While both dislike them, for Mr. Hambridge this is a matter of pragmatism, he simply considers them an obsolete institution. Despite this, he maintains a close relationship with the community, seeking to put them in his debt. On the other hand Mr. Blackwell loathes them outright and instilled his antagonism into his son, who considers them "deceptive and corruptive". While Mr. Hambridge also passed on a negative view of magic to his son, Andrew is more open-minded about witches.



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  • In Episode 19 the Earl of Hambridge sees the country's football supporters rioting on the news and remarks "I am honestly ashamed that a silly ball game would turn into this uproar. Every single one of them is a mindless buffoon."



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