Maril (マリル Mariru?) and Meril (メリル Meriru?) are two twin sisters belonging to the Cavendish family, daughters of Daryl Cavendish and Diana's cousins.


As twin sisters, Maril and Meril are identical to each other. Both possess the characteristic blue eyes and platinum blond hair of the Cavendish. They are distinguished by their clothes, using the opposite color combination in their dresses and scarves, and also for their hairstyles, Maril being parted to the right and Meril to the left.


As members of the distinguished Cavendish family, both have a polite attitude toward the high-ranking, while showing contempt for the lower class. They both share their mother's visions of letting go of the Cavendish traditions to focus on money.


TV SeriesEdit

Cavendish (episode)Edit


Daryl CavendishEdit

Maril and Meril have great respect and admiration for their mother. She always sees them close to her and supports her no matter what.

Diana CavendishEdit

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As Cavendish witches, both Maril and Meril are capable magic users although they admit to not being as skillful as Diana. Like their mother, they are able to conjure energy snakes through their wands.


  • Both "Maril" and "Meril" are variants of Meryl (Irish, Gaelic) "shining sea".[2]
  • The meaning of the name "Cavendish" is "Cafna's pasture", derived from the Old English pre 7th Century personal name "Cafna", itself from "Caf", meaning "bold, daring", plus "edisc", meaning "enclosure or pasture".[3]


  • Both sisters and their mother have names ended with リル (riru?) in Japanese.
  • Their relationship to Daryl is similar to that of Diana's and Hannah and Barbara.




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