Lukić (ルーキッチ Rūkitchi?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She's the pharmacology teacher in Luna Nova Academy.


Lukić looks completely like a classic witch. She is a very old woman with long gray hair, a large pointed nose and big bulging eyes. She is wearing the traditional uniform of Luna Nova teachers.


Lukić is an eccentric and strange woman, with a great affiliation for the potions. She usually speaks in a very frightening way, marveling at the most grotesque things. She seems to derive some kind of sadistic pleasure from scaring the students.



TV SeriesEdit


Sucy ManbavaranEdit

Lukić has much in common with Sucy, in appearance, attitude and love for potions.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As the teacher of Magic Pharmaceutics in Luna Nova Academy, Lukić is an expert in the preparation of potions. Many students like Sucy Manbavaran recognize her ability as well as her great disposition of rare ingredients.

Voice actorsEdit


  • Her surname Lukić is of South Slavic origin, and can roughly be translated as "child of Luke".



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