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Lotte's spirit is a Spirit and companion of Lotte. It generally rests inside a plastic skull and given that it illuminates its surroundings it can be used as a sort of lantern. The spirit also rests atop the Crystal Ball.


This green spirit possesses cartoonish appearance with large fiery round head (which only had eyes and mouth) and small body and limbs.


Little Witch AcademiaEdit

Lotte pulls her spirit from the lamp to light the path in the labyrinth that she, Akko and Sucy walked. The spirit stays with it the rest of the incursion.

The Enchanted ParadeEdit

The spirit is seen next to Lotte while she makes the plans for the parade and while observing the drawing of Akko, in both cases tries to help her and to make her feel better. The spirit helps Lotte to calm the spirits that had been uncontrolled during the parade.

TV seriesEdit


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