The History Teacher is a character in Little Witch Academia. She's a teacher in Luna Nova Academy.


The History Teacher is an old woman with brown eyes and gray hair tied in a long ponytail. She wears the same uniform as the Luna Nova teachers, with three blue feathers on her hat.


She seems to be a serious teacher who cares about the students taking their lessons seriously. It gives much importance to the history of magic, as well as to the correct handling of magic.



Little Witch AcademiaEdit

She appears giving one of her history of magic classes, teaching about how Ley Lines and Sorcerer's Stone work. Akko ends up sleeping in the middle of the class, which leads the teacher to awaken her abruptly with her magic. After quoting an old saying about the abuse of magic, she scolds Akko to take the story of magic seriously.

TV SeriesEdit

A New BeginningEdit

She is seen next to the other teachers of Luna Nova Academy in the matriculation ceremony.


Abilities and EquipmentEdit

She is able to use her staff to perform magic. She was seen creating a ball of magic energy in the shape of a fairy.

Voice actorsEdit

Language Voice actor
Japanese Hisako Kyōda
English Eileen Galido
Latin America Miriam Torres



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