Frank (フランク Furanku?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. He is the best friend of Andrew Hanbridge.


He is a young man with blonde hair and dark yellow eyes. Dresses in a brown suit, blue tie and a white shirt.


Frank is a very cheerful and lighthearted man. He expresses an interest in Diana and in magic. He is introduced as a friend of Andrew's who is accompanying him on his visit to Luna Nova Academy. He is seen to have good manners as he scolds Andrew for being rude to Diana.



TV SeriesEdit

The Fountain of PolarisEdit

Bee CommotionEdit


Andrew HanbridgeEdit

As one of Andrew's closest friends, he always take part in several major parties. He's shown to be very concerned for Andrew and actually smiles in relief that Andrew was interested in Akko.

Lotte YansonEdit

In Bee Commotion, Like the rest of his friends, Frank ends up enamored of Lotte when being stung by the Cupid Bee. However, even after the spell was broken, Frank showed a genuine interest in Lotte by inviting her out. During her talk with Andrew, Frank states that although Lotte may seem ordinary, she's actually a good-hearted girl that is hard to come by.

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