This article is about the the location.
For the the episode, see The Fountain of Polaris (episode).

The Fountain of Polaris (ポラリスの泉 Porarisu no Izumi?) ​is a magical place where the magic power of the stars is sheltered. The fountain gives the magic power of the stars to witches who possess a hidden radiance, but when an immature witch goes there looking for that magic but still unworthy to wield it, the fountain disappears before her eyes.


The Fountain of Polaris  in a sacred precinct that can only be accessed through the Big Dipper Arch that is located in the north school building of Luna Nova Academy guarded by the Arcas. The Fountain is at the end of a long staircase in an alternate space covered with stars. It appears as a large sphere of glowing water where the experiences of anyone who has gone before is reflected.



  • Polaris, more commonly known as the North Star, is useful to navigators because it is a reliable indicator of True North. Polaris is located at the tip of the Big Dipper, eponymous to the arch from which the Fountain can be entered. The Big Dipper is an asterism (recognizable pattern) in Ursa Major. Likewise the Little Dipper is an asterism in Ursa Minor. The power of the stars can be transferred to the witch of hidden radiance through the Shiny Rod, which is styled on the Big Dipper.

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