Daryl Cavendish (ダリル・キャベンディッシュ Dariru Kyabendisshu?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is a witch from the House of Cavendish and the aunt of Diana.


Saryl is a pretty and elegant woman with white complexion. Like her sister, niece and daughters, she has blue eyes and blond hair with green reflections that she collects in a ponytail. She usually wears a green suit over a white shirt, a yellow tie, and a blue skirt that covers his feet. In formal situations, wear an elegant aquamarine dress, a scarf with black feathers, a necklace and long white gloves.


Daryl is an ambitious and greedy woman. Unlike the rest of her family, she feels very little respect for the traditions, giving importance solely to money, being able to shed the fiery magic relics of her family. By belonging to a prestigious family, she treats people of great repute with great respect and manners while despising ordinary people.

Daryl's opinion on tradition and history of House of Cavendish was very low, and she revealed to be more indifferent and sinister than she lets on, a trait which slipped when attempted to sell House of Cavendish's most valuable treasures. Daryl's greed made her seeing her family's tradition and history not as actual things to cherish, but rather as trash and useless thing. She is metaphorically blind to how important her family's legacy are, have no remorse in desecrating the said legacy, and outright antagonized anyone that questioned and opposed her (like Akko and her niece Diana). When Diana called her out for her sacrilege against her family's history and traditions and vows to become better head of House of Cavendish, she takes no restains in using her magic to deter her niece and anyone who help her, even if it also endangered their lives in process.

After her and her daughters' defeat and nearly cursed for the attempt murder and interfering the ritual, Daryl realized how wrong she was and accepted Diana's wish to become better head of House of Cavendish.



Diana CavendishEdit

Daryl and Diana share a cold and distant relationship. Daryl recently that Diana is the future leader of the family, at the same time Diana reprimand that Daryl does not respect the traditions and pride of the Cavendish. Their relationship eventually become tense as Daryl revealed how cruel she can be to her.

Maril and Meril CavendishEdit

Daryl have a close relationship with her daughters. Both of them are always with her and support her in everything.

Akko KagariEdit

Daryl shows a great disdain for Akko to be a student of Luna Nova without belonging to a family of witches, affirming that the school must be losing his reputation by allowing such thing. Upon seeing Akko aiding Diana escape, she takes no restrain from harming them.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

By belonging to the renowned House of Cavendish, Daryl proves to be a skilled witch. Most of her spells are related to snakes. She is able to manipulate huge venomous snakes to strike to retain her enemies and can also conjure large energy snakes with her wand. She also shows the ability to teleport by fusing and moving through the shadows. The only other witch shown to have teleportation abilities is Ursula Callistis, who appears in a pool of water.


  • Daryl is an English name, a variant spelling of Darell,[2] a given name derived from an English surname, which was derived from Norman-French d'Airelle, originally denoting one who came from Airelle in France. There are no longer any towns in France called Airelle, but airelle is the French word for huckleberry.[3]
  • The meaning of the name "Cavendish" is "Cafna's pasture", derived from the Old English pre 7th Century personal name "Cafna", itself from "Caf", meaning "bold, daring", plus "edisc", meaning "enclosure or pasture".[4]


  • Both Daryl and her daughters have names ended with リル (riru?) in Japanese.


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