Not to be confused with Blue Moon.

Blue Moon (ブルームーン Burū Mūn?) is episode 11 of the Little Witch Academia anime.


Akko comes to Ursula late at night to ask her about Chariot's disappearance, but Ursula can't tell her much, giving her the advice Phaidoari Afairynghor. Recalling a legend about an all-knowing spirit who only appears on the night of a blue moon, takes the Shiny Rod with her to a place known as the Blue Moon Abyss. Reaching the center of the abyss, Akko confronts the spirit, who offers to grant her dream of being a great magician like Chariot in exchange for her past memories. Refusing to erase the past efforts she has made and determined to grant her dream with her own strength, Akko awakens a new power in the Shiny Rod to destroy the spirit. After Akko passes out, Ursula, who is revealed to be Chariot herself, speaks with the spirit's true from, Woodward, about the role Akko will play in restoring magic to the world.


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  • When the light of the Blue Moon hits the Shiny Rod, the ray it emits that opens the Blue Moon Abyss originates from the second star, representing the second Word, Phaidoari Afairynghor.
  • Ursula's startled reaction when Akko says she watched a Shiny Chariot show is explained in Chariot and Croix.


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