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  • Nebulon

    SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I'll not spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but here's a link. I knew Diana was more interesting than we were let onto. ;)

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  • Nebulon

    Getting to know you

    May 12, 2017 by Nebulon

    This title is misleading, basically I'm curious about how all y'all got into LWA (or Trigger in general) and what your favorite characters/episodes are. What is something you'd like to see on the wiki?

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  • Juanito316

    As the title says, sorry for being inactive lately. Part of it is because the episodes take some time to get translated in my language, so I don't want to be spoiled before I get the chance to watch them, but there's also the fact I've been feeling bodily (mainly hand) pain, so it's been hard to use a PC for anything other than watch stuff (which leads to the fact I've been watching a lot of anime, youtube vids and even Ben 10 [which I have to continue eventually] and the first four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the last two both with my little brother xD). I've been feeling a lot of pain in my feet too. :c

    Again, sorry for disappearing. I've disappeared in all wikis I'm in.

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  • Nebulon

    We know she was a great witch but not much else. She must be important considering she was built into the universe from the beginning and has been referenced multiple times in the anime. What do you think her deal is? My apologies for using such a low linguistic register :P I'm thinking she could be in a line of witches who wielded the Shiny Rod. Or maybe she's one of the Nine Olde Witches?

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  • G Koh

    (UPDATED !!) I've been experimenting with my movie editor and I found an incredible discovery. By mixing the soundtrack from Star Wars Rebels and other Star Wars related songs with Little Witch Academia, it makes an exciting composition.

    I'm dividing the soundtrack of Rebels and scenes of Little Witch Academia (Audio or without Audio, latter preferable). Rebels will be on the left while LWA will be on the right. The time to play the appropriate soundtrack and scenes will be followed.

    Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka duels the Inquisitors (

    Rebels : LWA Episode 1

    0.00 : 17.47

    0.55 : 19.01

    Star Wars Rebels Pergill in Hyperspace (…

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  • Nebulon

    I have spent hours making a categorization scheme and have categorized like a third of the image content. Please help if you can, you can easily access uploaded media through the special page Special:Images. Or at the very least if you are making an upload please include categorization. Here's how the scheme works---

    1. What type of image is it? screenshot, gif, or official artwork?

    2. Which characters are in it?

    3. What is its location, if a specific one exists?

    4. What episode/movie does it appear in?

    5. Extra stuff-- does it have special items, creatures, etc.

    I'll get into detail.

    1. Appearance

    If it's from the first movie, use Category:Little Witch Academia (movie). If it's from the second, use Category:Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Pa…

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  • G Koh

    What if Akko didn't come to Luna Nova

    Akko was just little at the time. She was interested with a travelling magician and was planning on going to one of her shows. That is until a week before the show, Akko's parents told her that she can't go as they were moving away. Tried as she begged her parents not to leave, they couldn't and they left the town.

    Years later, Akko lived her life as a normal high school student with no knowledge of the magic world. At England, Lotte and Sucy continued through the Ley Lines where they arrived at Luna Nova safely. As the two continued their studies, Diana would discover the Pappiliodya and have them destroyed unaware of their true nature.

    Although unable to pinpoint the whereabouts of the Shiny Rod, Croix …

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  • Nebulon

    Chariot's secret?

    April 20, 2017 by Nebulon

    Perhaps I'm looking too much into things, but here goes. In Chariot of Fire Croix remarks to Chariot, "Have you revealed your secret to her [Akko]?". At first glance I assumed that meant, have you told her you are Chariot yet? But Croix knows that Chariot has not, or else Akko wouldn't have come to her looking for information about Chariot's whereabouts. So either this question is rhetorical, but if that's the case it's just supposed to be hurtful, when it in my opinion it isn't. It's something Croix knows and something Chariot knows and something Chariots knows Croix knows Chariot knows. So perhaps it's a different secret? Your thoughts?

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  • G Koh

    While usually Trigger would go for the companies that have already done dubs but I thought I make this a bit more interesting. Since I've heard about a parallel between this show and another called My Little Pony, I thought I put the cast of MLP for their 'roles' in Little Witch Academia.



    Sucy: Tara Strong - Tara has played another mysterious character, Raven and her range in comedic roles, she's perfect as Sucy. 



    Jasminka: Tabitha St Germain - Uhhh.....weird.

    Diana Cavendish: Tabitha St Germain - She could play an uptight British snob.

    Ursula: Kelly Sheridan - I thought the voice would match Ursula.

    Any suggestions?

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  • G Koh

    Potential Spin-Offs

    April 19, 2017 by G Koh

    Since I'm very eager to see Little Witch Academia ascending towards more seasons. I decided that I create this blog so that I could hear anyh potential spin offs you wanted to see and I add ideas of my own, some for potential while some for joke.

    1. Little Witch Academia Chapter M - Taking place 15 years after the original series, the show follows the life of a succubus who has enrolled to the famed Little Witch Academia founded by the Nine New Witches. There she meets the headmistress, Atsuko Kagari where the two will go on a journey that transcends beyond the world as they knew it.


    Atsuko Kagari: Atsuko is the Headmistress of Little Witch Academia. While retaining much of her goofiness, Akko has grown to be a more competent autho…

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  • G Koh

    I have a theory that the Shiny Rod could be based on the Seven Virtues. The Seven Virtues had these:

    1. Hope

    2. Fortitude

    3. Charity

    4. Faith

    5. Justice

    6. Prudence

    7. Temperance

    Reading that, it parallels what Akko is going through. Take note that there would be spoilers for Episode 12.

    1) Akko has shown that she had Hope all the way. Even though discouraged, pranked and lost in a bleak situation, that Hope of hers still stood. The Shiny Rod responded to her Hope and transformed into a bow and arrow that sends out a light of Hope.

    2) Akko has shown doubts about getting to become Chariot but thanks to the test provided by Woodward, Akko declines the offer to become a Shiny clone in exchange of her memories. She'll never stop trying and she will beco…

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  • G Koh

    Mythological Connections

    April 18, 2017 by G Koh

    Yggdrasil, the World Tree - Confirmed in Episode 15, the tree held the nine realms while in Little Witch Academia, held the planets and stars. Coincidentally, the number of realms shares the same number to the Nine Olde Witches.

    Big Dipper - The central plot of Little Witch Academia. 

    Well of Urd - In Norse Mythology, there is a Well of Urd which lays beneath the World Tree. Well can also be intepreted as Fountain. In Episode 6, there is a presence of a Fountain of Polaris.

    Bee Maidens - The Love Bee appearing in Episode 10. The [http:// Homeric Hymn] to Apollo acknowledges that Apollo's gift of prophecy first came to him from three bee maidens, usually but doubtfully identified with the Thriae, a trinity of pre-Hellenic Aegean bee goddesses.


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  • G Koh

    The episode is without a doubt the funniest episode to date from the Classic Cartoon style film to the bizarre world of Sucy’s mind. However is this episode a filler, character driven or story progression. I say all of them.

    The Love of Sucy: Sucy has been one of the most popular characters in the series. It can range from her unique art design or how mysterious the character is. Now, we have an episode dedicated to her and her alone and to be honest, it really shows the hidden depths of Sucy. 

    My interpretation of the episode begins with the Devil Sucy and Angel Sucy. Even though Sucy could play pranks on other, mainly on Akko, it shows Sucy took the time to think on when would be the right time to be the prankster and the time to be a frien…

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  • Juanito316

    Brazilian Wiki

    April 15, 2017 by Juanito316

    So, I was thinking of making a Brazilian LWA Wiki, as I'm Brazilian, but I spend a lot more time in English wikis than Brazilian ones, so I was wondering if there is any other Brazilian fan in the wiki willing to help me.

    (I had already posted this message in the discussions, but since nobody seems to have noticed, I decided to repost it as a blog post)

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  • Helel ben Shahaar


    April 5, 2017 by Helel ben Shahaar

    I know that most anime don't bother to make any link between the OVA and the series. 

    Due to this, I wonder which one of story lines should be considerd canon: OVA or the TV series?

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  • Nebulon

    If Akko revived the lost Claiomh Solais, how did Chariot lose it (and presumably the ability to use it)? Why wasn't she the one to unlock the Grand Triskellion, despite her reviving at least 5 words (per the yellow crystals during her performance, I couldn't see more than five and all were activated) and gaining the power of the stars? And is it possible that she lost that power? (my guess to that question is no)

    Stream of consciousness incoming. I'd speculate she lost the Shiny Rod because for some reason she didn't break the seal and decided to use her powers to make people happy instead... and then the shiny rod gave up on her so she became a teacher at luna nova to look for/mentor someone who could complete the task that she didn't. Eve…

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  • Nebulon

    Sub Templates

    March 22, 2017 by Nebulon

    I'm not quite sure how this blog thing works. Anyway, in the future please distinguish between Template:Stub and Template:Section-stub. I would write a Lua module to do that but I'm laaaaaazy.

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  • Electric Game

    Hello users from Little Witch Academia Wiki! :)

    I recently found something on the official Little Witch Academia anime page. I was watching the profiles of the new characters, which are supposed to be the ones that have appeared in the episodes cast to date, I decided to experiment a bit with the page files and I found this.

    And these are their names (japanese).

    According to the first two images file names, the first character will appea…

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