Anne Finnelan (アン・フィネラン Ann Fineran?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She's a teacher at Luna Nova Academy.


Finnelan is a middle-aged woman with brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin complexion. She wears the standard Luna Nova teacher uniform.


Finnelan is a serious and authoritative woman, demanding respect and discipline from students. Finnelan seemed to have preference on skilled students like Diana as she usually kind to them. She is usually calm, but is quickly to lose her temper, particularly when dealing incompetent students and troublemakers such as Akko and company.

Unlike other teachers, she respects the most formal style of witchcraft. She is very disgusted with bad manners and always does everything to preserve the prestige of Luna Nova Academy. The said respect and dedication to preserve the academy's prestige however, made her rigid and unwilling to compromise when it comes to dealing crisis that threatened the academy if available solutions to solve it greatly affect both the academy's prestige, tradition, and witchcraft it taught to its students (such as Vajarois' constant sorrow where Akko believes that simply appeasing the tortured soul will only tormented her further and spirits' strike for extra magic output that instigated the energy crisis), believing all witches should be formal, collected, and acting serious, and having prejudice against magically untalented students and those who had technological approach in dealing magic, which giving her a highly predictable personality. Finnelan's respect on the rules of both magic and the academy made her unwilling bend it under any circumstances nor willing to tolerate others to do the same. Unfortunately, while this gave her better strengths than her fellow teacher Ursula, Finnelan's single-minded adherence to laws of both magic and Luna Nova and dedication to preserve the prestige of the academy narrowed her perspectives and made her unable to see tenacity and determination within untalented students that allowed them to success in the end (which Ursula ultimately called her out of it), and easily angered with Akko and Ursula's clumsy front on separate occasions.



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Akko KagariEdit

She has absolutely no value as a witch.

Finnelan to Ursula about Akko, Orange Submariner

Finnelan obviously disdained Akko for her clumsiness in magic (including some instances where she unintentionally causing several misfortunes on her). She even not hesitate to suggest that Akko had to be expelled for her troubles and had narrow perspectives on the child's potential in magic as well as viewing her as eyesore in the academy as much as Ursula. As Ursula pointed out in Orange Submariner Finnelan's disdain on Akko, as well as her preference to more competent students made her failed to see Akko's great efforts and determination to overcome her odds and difficulties in studying magic.


Please straighten yourself out, Professor Ursula! How are you supposed to guide your students with a demeanor such as yours?

Finnelan to Ursula, Pappiliodya

As with Akko Kagari, Finnelan disdained Ursula for her clumsiness and often reprimanded her for it, but never thought that Ursula would stand up for Akko and even indirectly pointed out that her preference on more competent students made her failed to see genuine determination to overcome difficulties within incompetent students. As with Akko, Finnelan viewed Urusla as an eyesore in academy.

Diana CavendishEdit

Who else besides you could've done it?

Finnelan to Diana, Pappiliodya

Finnelan greatly respects and admires Diana for her magical prowess and maturity beyond her years. Her complete confidence in Diana leads her to erroneously credit Diana with restoring the Jennifer Memorial Tree instead of Akko in Pappiliodya, even though Diana says it wasn't her doing. They could perfectly synchronize to perform Luna Lana with little notice.

Croix MeridiesEdit

We witches have a duty to uphold the traditions of Luna Nova passed down by our predecessors. Professor Croix, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, please refrain from bringing modern machinery to our school.

Finnelan to Croix, New Age Magic

Finnelan was the most opposed to Croix's intentions to install the Sorcery Solution System at Luna Nova. While other professors (with the obvious exception of Ursula) eventually were won over by Croix's ability to solve the crisis with the Faeries with the SSS (which unbeknownst to them she had created) and the allure of digital technology and subsidies, Finnelan remains opposed to the mixing of magic and science and has expressed her disapproval of Croix's interest in it.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Finnelan is a skilled and experienced Witch, recognized as one of the best teachers at Luna Nova Academy. Demonstrated enough ability to use a spell as advanced and complicated as Luna Lana.

Voice actorsEdit

Language Voice actor
Japanese Rurika Yamamoto
English Eileen Galido
France Francine Laffineuse
German Katja Brügger[1]
Italian Elisabetta Cesone
Brazil Lina Rossana
Latin America María Luisa Benech


  • The name Anne is a Latin variation of the Hebrew name meaning Hannah "favour or grace, prayer, God has favored me".[2]
  • "Finneran" is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname of "O' Finnthigheirn", meaning "male descendant of the fair lord".[3] "Finnelan" appears to be just an alternative romanization of that name's Japanese form.



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